Department of Art-historical documentation

Department of art-historical documentation consists of: library, photo study collection a archive of documents.

Library of Slovak Institute of Art history

The library of the Slovak Institute of Art History (SIAH) was established in 1955 as the Institute of Art History was set up. Presently, it is a specialized library, which collects art-historical literature and makes it easily accessible for research projects conducted by SIAH. Furthermore, literature from related and auxiliary sciences is assembled here as well as dictionaries and encyclopedic literature. Moreover, dissertations of graduates of SIAH constitute a special category as well as auctions and exhibitions catalogues. Art-historical magazines and journals are also stored separately.

Slovak literature including related magazines and journals are acquired either by exchange or by purchase. Foreign literature, foreign art historical magazines and catalogues of exhibitions are mainly acquired by exchanges with foreign institutions and libraries.     (EXCHANGE)

The magazines and journals are stored in alphabetical order, the books according to numerus currens. The essential art-historical publications of encyclopedic, bibliographic and linguistic character are stored in the reading room of library.

The library has at its disposal an index of exhibitions and auction catalogues, a catalogue of authors and a card index of magazines. At 31th December 2015 the library was composed of 13 605 items, from which 49 are magazines (37 of those are foreign).

The items cannot be taken away from the library.

Literature deposed in library is archived under the programme Advance Rapid Library (ARL). This programme enables to find and view all the publications written by experts employed by the Institute via the website of Central library of Slovak Academy of Sciences ( ). Statewide index of foreign literature (CEZL) also enables swift finding of any foreign magazine stored in our libraries.

The library of SIAH is mainly used by the fellows of the Institute, by students of universities and experts with related specialization.

The services offered:

  • Lending (for public only at present disposal)
  • Consultation and information services
  • Bibliographic (payed)
  • Reprographic (payed)
  • Exchange of publications

The opening hours are (the opening hours can be adjusted under special circumstances):

  • Monday 10 - 14
  • Tuesday 10 - 14
  • Wednesday 12 - 14
  • Thursday 10 - 14
  • Friday 10 - 14

Contact: Mrs. Adriana Tomekova, librarian, tel.: +421-2/ 5479-3819, e-mail: