”European dimensions of the artistic culture in Slovakia“ (ITMS: 26240120035)

The aim of the project is to establish The national center of excellence for research of the artistic culture in Slovakia. Based on the model of foreign centers of excellence, the center will create opportunities for high-quality research, education and innovative activities.

Realization of the project will proceed on these two levels:

  • The first level is represented by establishment of the center of excellence, its formal and legal framework, sustainable research strategy and modern technical infrastructure. The center will create opportunities for improvement of both level and coordination of scientific work of the Slovak research teams for international strategic programs and at the same time it will offer the motivating surrounding for active participation of young research workers in new projects.
  • The second level consists of the research work with textual, visual and audio sources, resulting in the electronic database of artistic and cultural heritage in Slovakia. Its collateral activities will be: network seminars, international virtual conference, popularizing events and publication activities of the research workers of all the institutions of the Slovak Academy of Sciences involved in the project.

Partners of the project: Institute of Art History of SAS, Institute of World Literature of SAS, Institute of Musicology of SAS, Institute of Theatre and Film Research of SAS, Institute of Slovak Literature of SAS, Ján Stanislav Institute of Slavistics of SAS.

Realization of the project: December 2010 – March 2014