Časopis ARS 38 (2005) 2


Gotika v baroku. K ideovej a formálnej recepcii gotického umenia v prvej polovici 18. storočia na Slovensku
[Gothic in the Age of Baroque. On the Ideological and Formal Reception of Gothic Art in the First Half of the 18th Century in Slovakia]


The problem of Medieval reminiscences, retrospectives and revivals is a question reflected from many different points of view and in its various relations, especially in art-historical discussions outside the Slovak cultural milieu. In the last two decades attention has been given to this phenomenon: the challenge now is to clarify not only the theoretical background of Post-tridentine philosophy, but also its visual evocation. For this purpose there was a new placement of Medieval artworks as a tradition of the older Church, a Church which was not yet threatened by and suffering from the „Lutheran plague“, and a reconstruction of Medieval tradition in the visual perception of new works in an „old style“, as well as Baroque constructions of historical memory – genius loci – reviving the Medieval tradition of political and ecclesiastical power.